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The Healing Power of a Gentle Touch

Whole Body Therapeutic Center

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the manipulation of superficial and deep layers of muscle along with connective tissue to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being. Using a therapeutic approach, deep tissue techniques are used to strip away toxins from the muscle fibers for therapeutic purposes such as promoting circulation of the blood and lymph, relaxation of muscles, relief from pain, restoration of metabolic balance, and many other benefits both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

How does it benefit me?

We provide both Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. Massage has direct psychological and physiological benefits. Physical benefits to you are:

Massage also increases several more systems of the body such as, the muscular system, nervous system, and circulatory system. For many clients regular massage especially helps reduce and/or eliminates stress from day to day life.

What can I expect?

You will experience relaxation as the massage soothes away minor aches and pains. Massage will keep you feeling more youthful and encourages you to be more aware of your body.

How many sessions does it take?

Each person's situation is different, the number of visits will vary.

How long is a session?

Massages are from 1 hour up to 1 1/2 hour sessions.